Band Bio

The Cougars Band is a 6-piece Rock and Roll group fronted by 3 lead female vocalists. Their specialty is belty, high-energy songs and lots of harmonies. Youíll hear everything from Journey to Lady GaGa with some cross over country mixed in. They also play 80s hits and party songs to keep the dance floor full. While fun is the name of the game with this band, you will find some impressive musicianship coming from the stage as each member has many years of playing experience under their belt. They are not saying they are old...just experienced...MEOW!
Anna (Vocals) - Anna was influenced by music early in her life by her mother who sang in musical theater and opera for many years. Anna performed in several concert and performance choirs during high school. She also performed with several bands in her home town of Phoenix, AZ. After moving to Green Bay, she could be found in local clubs and area festivals performing with Tripp Dexter and then ToyBoxx. She has also performed with The Divas and Girls and Guitars. She has performed at BayFest, Celebrate De Pere and the Fourth Of July Celebration in downtown Green Bay. Anna also spent 3 1/2 years performing with local dinner theater troupe Daddy D Productions, where she sang everything from classic country to 1950ís doo wop. She is now very happy to share the stage with her Cougar Pride. Meow.
Stephanie (Vocals / Keyboards) - Music got a hold of Stephanie at the age of 3 when she started playing music on the piano by ear from listening to the radio. Her first singing performance was at age 7 when she performed 3 solos for a family memberís wedding ceremony. Throughout her school years, she learned to play most instruments, and moved on to study music in college at UWGB. After college, she started teaching piano and voice at Henriís Music and auditioned for a wedding band called the Xrays. For the next 13 years in this band, she played for President Bush, opened for Wayne Newton, played for numerous Packers Legend events, a charity event for Packers Player Donald Driver and his wife, and many, many weddings, where they were told they sounded so much like the record, they thought it was a DJ playing. From Patsy Cline to AC/DC, Stephanie has sung a wide variety of music and has now found her pride - The Cougars!
Heather (Vocals) - Formerly the lead singer of Shocker, Heather joined up with The Cougars in 2014. Heather, whose influences include Janis Joplin, Pink and Etta James, brings what Anna calls a "bluesy grit" to the band as well as that other Cougars must-have ó a fun personality.
Eric (Bass / Vocals) - Eric (Catnip) has a very recognizable face in the music scene around Green Bay. His first band was playing out regular gigs when he was still in high school and he has been playing steady ever since that time. While attending St. Norbert College he was part of the Swinging Knights Troupe and part of the pit band in several musical productions. After college you could find Eric on stage with groups such as Swimming Fish, Saturday Morning, The Divas, Girls and Guitars, Fine Line, RPM, and ToyBoxx. He also performed with dinner theater groups, Daddy D Productions and Let Me Be Frank Productions. He is very much at home on stage and now his home is with the Cougars!
Rich (Drums / Vocals) - You may recognize Rich from being the Cougars sound man for many years. Rich has been playing live music since 1985 and was the leader of the X-Rays (WHO????) wedding band from 1990 to 2010 where The Cougarsí own Stephanie shared the stage with Rich for 13 of those years.
Adam (Guitar) - Adam picked up the guitar at the age of 12 while living in Michigan. In high school he became involved in jazz band, and a cover band that performed at school dances, bars and county fairs. Locally, Adam has been involved in more than 20 theatre productions as the guitarist for The Attic Theatre, Lawrence University, University of Wisconsin Fox Valley and Kimberly High School. He has also spent the past 10 years in Northeast Wisconsin as the lead guitarist for the variety acts SPIN, The Stage Hoggs, and The Jenirators. Adam is excited to now be a Cougar!
So how did they all get together? They've gotten this question so many times that they decided to put it in their bio. Steph and Anna have known each other the longest, working together at Henriís Music and maintaining a friendship since then. Eric and Anna met while their bands, Tripp Dexter and Saturday Morning, were playing in many of the same venues. They just always seemed to bump into each other. Eric, Anna, and original drummer Kurt all did a turn at the dinner theater circuit and that is how their paths crossed. They were all friends before they put this little group together and decided it would be a fun adventure and give them something to do with their weekends...turns out they were right!

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